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(Mega Man X)

I've always been a fan of the various Mega Man/Rockman games and the various spin off series for the most part. It's always interesting to see when a character or two becomes playable in a fighting game format such as the VS series games, but up to this point the non-classic Mega Man characters have from the Legends series, Battle Network series, or MM Zero series in SvC's case. Until TvC: Ultimate Stars, there had been no real MM X representation.

This particular work has been bouncing around as a possibility for years, but making a full character out of it had been difficult because of a lack of plan as to how to flesh out a full move set out of him. With TvC helping to fill in some of those gaps, I figured that this was probably as good a time as any to get started at last.

Regarding the current spriting process, I'm checking the available TvC footage in addition to combing through the Playstation MMX games to get ideas of what to sprite up in terms of Zero's move set. The displayed animation here is based on his X5 Z-Buster shot; it's got quite a lengthy startup to it, although the projectile itself is on the stronger side to justify ever using the thing. I'll be working on his X6 version to have a variant that doesn't take quite as long to use, as there isn't as much of a transition in stance there. I suspect before this is all done, I'll have to set some kind of option to allow the user to select which version of the buster and some other moves they will want to use in play.

Yellow Iris:
(Battle Circuit)


For those unfamiliar with the character who is currently occupying the would be banner space on the main page, Yellow Iris is one of the playable characters from a Capcom beat-em-up named Battle Circuit. I don't recall the arcade game being readily available around North America, so it's understandable why she might be flying under the radar for those that couldn't run into the title. The last appearance of the character was actually as a cameo in Felicia's ending in CFJ, which was drawn by the artists at Udon.

Yellow had been started some time ago, but a combination of wrapping up university as well as a minor mishap with her work files that set me back quite a few animations had placed her on the back burner for quite some time. She will take quite a few cues from her original appearance, along with borrowing some modified elements from Felicia in order to help fill in the gaps in terms of basics.

The initial spriting process for Yellow probably wasn't the most efficient one around. KFM did me the favor of ripping all of her sprites for reference, and I figured out the general scale to make it closer to CvS proportions. From there, I basically redrew the thing from the bottom up.


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